Monday, 28 October 2013

Review: Metallica - St. Anger

Well, I promised that I'd do this one next. You might think it's lazy to go after one of the biggest flops in modern music history right out of the gate, but I say, "Why shouldn't I?" See, I've never actually listened to St. Anger. I've heard the title track, and I've seen everyone bitching about it. I just directed people to stay away based on near universally awful reviews and opinions that weren't mine. Again, I'm lazy, this happens. So I sat down, and I listened to the full album with an open mind. And made notes! So here's a song by song review of it, following my own little deranged thought processes. It might read a little schizophrenically.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Review: Woccon - The Wither Fields

So, welcome to the blog. It's just me, some random guy on the internet ranting about music like the other 400,000-odd people doing the same thing. "But it's about rock!" So are most of them. "It might be funny!" So are the good ones. "Why should I read your's?" Because I'm brutally honest and critical to a fault? Sure, let's go with that. Oh, and sorry if the format is weird for the first couple of posts, I'm still trying to brush up on my HTML.