Monday, 25 November 2013

Review: Trivium - Vengeance Falls

Here we go, one of the albums I was looking forward to the most this year. Trivium is one of the bands that got me into metal, I got used to the harsh vocals because of Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu inspired me to pick up a guitar, the first solo I learned to play was from "Dying in Your Arms". Understand how hyped up I was when I heard that they were going back to the studio and you should've seen my face when I saw a bootleg video of the playing the first single from the album live. And then my face afterwards.

This album was produced by David Drainman, the frontman for the currently-on-hiatus Distrubed and Device. And as much as he might seem like a cool guy, apart from his fucking weird chin things, he dropped the ball on this so hard it might as well have been a nuke. I get that the band really liked working with him, it was a lot harder for them than any other record in terms of prep, but you'd think this means their songs are more technical. Nope! It's some of the easiest stuff they've ever put together. The solos are piss easy and the vocals, oh god the vocals! Listen to "Strife" to see what I mean. It doesn't sound like Trivium, it sounds like Distrurbed.
Seriously, what the hell are those things?

The worst part about all this is that I actually kind of like it. After 5 complete listens. It's really more like Stockholm Syndrome than actually liking it in the same way that I like Ghost or Kvelertak. For this album, I felt like I should enjoy it out of some strange sense of fan loyalty. Oh fuck, I'm a fanboy. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

This album is really hard for me to talk about sometimes. There are times when I really like it, and others where I despise it. I think that the main issue is that it doesn't sound like Trivium. All of their other albums involved them shaping their own sound. I'm not counting Ember to Inferno in this because let's be honest, it was kind of crap. Ascendancy showed what they could do with a metalcore/thrash sound, it was awesome! The Crusade had catchy, thrash-y (is that even a word?) riffs and vocals, the kind that makes you want to rip a phone book in half and beat people to death with it. Shogun was super technical, sounded completely badass and everything that came out of it was brootal, worthy of kvlt status (oh look at me with my fancy metal slang). In Waves was a step down but still had great songs like "Forsake Not the Dream" and "Caustic Are the Ties That Bind". What's memorable from this album? It's a demo track called "Fuck All". It's non-existant. There's nothing that really stands out from the rest, it kind of blurs together into a steaming pile of brown, stinky mediocrity. It's not shit, I have some standards when it comes to writing. Of course, I'm still the guy that compared a song to an abortion in a maternity ward.

Speaking of my St. Anger review, I'm doing another song-by-song and sticking with the Metallica theme! Guess which one it is.

All in all, Vengence Falls is just inoffensively bland. It's not bad, not great, kind of like sex with a fat chick. Get it if you're a diehard fan, ignore it otherwise.

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