Monday, 18 November 2013

Review: Protest the Hero - Volition

Aaaaaaand back to reviews! That was an... interesting little diversion. I really shouldn't have written that. Just rereading it, it looks like it was pumped out in a single night, but that's probably because it was. I was lazy, don't judge me! And if you do, I will drive to your house and jam your head so far up your ass you'll look like the Ouroborous; the snake that ate itself. Ah, it feels good to be an asshole again. Let's get this started, too much rambling already. This week, is a local band that really made it big with badass tech/prog-metal melodies, and great production. So here's Protest the Hero with Volition.

That's how awesome these guys are.

Protest the Hero plays tech/prog-metal. Well, obviously you know that, you read the first paragraph. You didn't? Do you know how long it too me to write that?! I'll fucking kill you! 

Sorry about that. Seriously though, that guy was a dick. And not the loveable, not-that-serious kind like me, more like the laughing-in-your-face-as-he-does-your-girlfriend kind.

Right, music. The album's catchy, melodic and super fucking hard to play. It also feels a little punk lyrically. For example, in the song, "Tilting Against Windmills", the line, "No one's ever been compromised for being a white, straight male with two blue eyes" is probably the cleanest and most obviously discernible line, and he's got a point. Unless you go to somewhere that isn't white dominated, but that's a whole new can of worms. Some of it's funny though, it's not all pitch black. It'd be kind of cool if it was though. Imagine if Protest the Hero did an album written by Varg Vikernes!

Anyways, "Clarity" honestly seems like it was written about the wars between Star Trek and Star Wars fans, which is exactly what they did in their music video. It's hilarious to watch! There's huge guys with plastic weapons running into each other an give others noogies. It could also be about religion and holy wars but nobody cares about that right now, there's hot girls with Stormtrooper body paint to see!
"Underbite" also has a hugely creative video. It's all about little paper figures going to a show for Insert Name Here and one gets massively drunk. The song is great, another anti-conformity song, a protest if you will. I'll let myself out... It's pretty obvious what it's about from the music video, it's about the huge stagnation and half-assedness of rock lately. Hey, I've been thinking the same thing, what a coninkidink. Sorry, I'll stop.

Other greats include "Mist", "Drumhead Trials", fuck it, just the whole album! This thing is really well done. One of the really cool changes that I like about this album, which I was slightly lukewarm about at first, is the replacement of their drummer, Moe Carlson. Quick question though, why in the unholy mother of metal would you leave an internationally successful band, whose fanbase is growing faster and faster? Especially for a career in tool manufacturing? Whatever, it resulted in Chris Adler of Lamb of God filling in for him! If you know drummers, you can tell it's him too. I wasn't entirely sure about him filling in because he plays a completely different style but it seems like he took the pre-written fills, made them his own, and then kicked the asses of everyone that doubted him! I've still got my bruise from that.

So should you get the album? If you're seriously asking yourself that question, you should probably get checked for autism; one of the main symptoms is the inability to read emotions. Hell yeah, you should get the album! You'll have some of the songs stuck in your head for weeks, in a good way, and you'll be supporting a band that deserves every bit of attention they get. I'd recommend this to someone that doesn't like metal, especially if they don't like metal. Get this is album! If you're short on cash, it's dirt cheap too! It's only $7 on iTunes, go get it! NOW

Also, yay one month. Whee

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