Monday, 11 November 2013

Commentary: The State of Metal

If you're into metal, you may have noticed to community. The best way to put it is bluntly; it's fucking shit. Discussing metal or even fucking announcing your admiration for a band has become something that you should avoid and if you don't, holy crap people will come down on you hard. I want to share an example of this with you, this is an actual thread that happened in a Facebook comment section. It's amazing (and hilarious). Let's just call this guy "Dickhead". Works well enough. Besides, I call them as I see them. Seriously though, fuck this kid.

talking about a7x in anyway should be punishable by death.fetus needs no help from a7x.been around for fucking years.proof that this is a bad thing..people like this are talking about dying fetus.get the name outta your mouth. would last 5 seconds in a fetus pit.

mitchell the biggest faggot who would never have the balls to say anything like that to someones face

congratulations!hope to see you at a real metal show sometime!oh wait...your a total poser fuckin faggot who suckles his transgender moms dick.slipped my mind

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He's a perfect example of that small minority of elitist, fuckwit metalheads. These are the guys that make me ashamed to label myself as a metalhead. Throwing around pejorative insults and being a dipshit just reinforces all the negative stereotypes about metalheads that exist.

If you're like this, know that you aren't being funny. To quote Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, "You're a cunt. What are you? You're a cunt, yes you are. You live in a cunty cottage and you drive a cunty car." Knock it right the fuck off or we'll set a brainwashed Varg Vikernes on you. You don't want to end up like Euronymous now do you? Do you?

We don't have to be a giant melting pot that constantly steal your bread and stabs you with your fork, we can be a massive collective of friends and comrades, possibly the biggest has ever seen. If the community decides to collectively get over their little "poser" shit-fit, we can accept that there are different branches of metal and realise that we're not that different. The place where this the worst is in black metal. I've seen these people call Amon Amarth and Children of Bodom posers. They must've been fucking high! These are the true kvlt guys, if it isn't Norwegian first-wave black metal, then it doesn't mean shit to them. If you like metal, don't you dare become like that!

No one has said it better than this guy here, Kevin Griffin. He makes a webcomic called 3ChordDorks and he had this to say about it. "We don't have to enjoy each other's styles, but by finding some common ground and learning to respect one another, we can turn from a mish-mash of isolated groups and turn into, unified largest collective of friends on the planet."

I know this isn't going to make a difference. If you're reading this, chances are you aren't a brainless oxygen thief and you already know this. Spread it around as best you can, preach what should common-fucking-knowledge, slap people upside the head if they disagree with you! Let's end the bigotry and elitism of metal, something that claims to be accepting of everything, one Dickhead at a time.

Also permanently silencing. That works too.
Please don't actually kill anyone.

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